DeWitt Police - School Resource Officer

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School Resource Officer (SRO) Program

A Partnership between the DeWitt Police Department and Central Community Schools.

Contact Information

Officer Justin Witt - SRO 

659-3145 (ext. 125) – police department

659-2404 – school office

563-559-0359 – SRO cell phone





Working in partnership to keep our schools safe.

Hello!  My name is Officer Justin Witt and I am the current school resource officer for the Central Community School District.  I have served as a full time patrol officer in the DeWitt Community since 2005.

Frequently Asked Questions About the SRO Program



What is the School Resource Officer Program?


A:  The School Resource Officer program serves Central High School, Central Middle School, Ekstrand Elementary School, and St. Joseph’s Catholic School.  The School Resource Officer is an employee of the DeWitt Police Department and is not an employee of the Central Community School District.  It is the intention of the DeWitt Police Department and the Central Community School District to maintain collaborative efforts to provide a safe and healthy school environment for students, staff, faculty, and visitors.  Both parties desire a maximum degree of long-range cooperation and administrative planning in order to provide for the safety and security of the community and its children.  Both are committed to providing appropriate programs and services to prevent children from becoming at risk and to intervene effectively with children already involved in the juvenile justice system.  Both are committed to improving service delivery to children in the community through sharing information, eliminating duplication of services and coordinating efforts.  Lastly, both promote positive attitudes regarding the police role in society.


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Q:  What are the duties / responsibilities of the school resource officer?


A:  To assist the superintendent, principals, faculty, and staff in developing plans and strategies to prevent and / or minimize dangerous situations that may occur on school grounds.


To present topics to students on various law enforcement / safety issues with the permission and guidance from the school principal.


To contact the principal of the school about any juvenile delinquency, incidents, charges, and arrests within a timely manner.


To take law enforcement action when necessary.


To conduct investigations of crimes that occur at any school and use other resources if needed for follow up investigations.


To follow the guidelines of case law, school board policy, and the DeWitt Police Department general orders in regards to investigations, interviews and searches relating to juveniles.


To be a visible, positive law enforcement figure on campuses.


To be a resource for students which will enable them to be associated with a law enforcement figure in the students’ environment.


To be a resource for teachers, parents and students for conferences dealing with problems or questions.


To wear their department authorized duty weapon and uniform in accordance with police department policy.


To notify the school principal or other school designee upon removing a student from campus.


Q:  What topics does the SRO present in school classrooms?


A:  Alcohol and drug prevention, juvenile law, peer pressure, bullying, Internet safety, bicycle / traffic safety, 911 usage, stranger danger, Halloween safety, gun safety, and other topics requested by teachers.