DeWitt Police -Frequently Asked Questions

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Below is a list of commonly asked questions, and the answer to each question. If you do not find the answer to your question on this page, please call our non-emergency numbers: (563) 659-3145 or  (800) 462-6530.


What is the location of the DeWitt Police Department?
The DeWitt Police Department is located at 1505 6th Ave., DeWitt, Iowa 52742. Our non-emergency phone number is 563-659-3145
We are open 24 hours-a-day, everyday.

Is the DeWitt Police Department currently hiring?
The DeWitt Police Department only hires from a certified list provided by the DeWitt Civil Service Commission. The commission normally tests annually with the test date announcement being advertised on our website and in the DeWitt Observer, Clinton Herald and Quad City Times. 


I need to be fingerprinted for a job application, professional license or other personal reason, will the DeWitt Police Department do this?
Yes, there is a $10.00 fee for up to 2 cards and then an additional $5 per card after 2.  You will need to bring fingerprint card(s) with you for your particular needs.  Fingerprinting is done by appointment only, please call the police department to schedule.

Can you tell me the condition of the roads in Central Iowa?
The Iowa State Patrol offers a road report hot-line at
1-800-288-1047 or 511 on your cell phone or   This service is updated as often as possible during periods of bad weather.

Does the city of DeWitt have a severe weather outdoor warning system?
Yes, the emergency outdoor warning system is activated whenever the National Weather Service issues thunderstorm warnings or tornado watches and warnings for DeWitt. Additionally, actual sightings of tornadoes by law enforcement personnel or other reliable sources are grounds for activating the warning system. Two important notes: the system is routinely tested on the first Tuesday of each month, weather permitting, and there is not an "all clear" siren. For additional information, please refer to local radio and television stations - please do not call the police department during severe weather situations - unless you have an actual emergency.  

Who can I call for assistance if my electrical power goes out?
If you live within the city of DeWitt, call Alliant Energy, day or night, weekends or holidays at 800-255-4268.  


Who do I call for assistance with natural gas service?

The 24-hour customer service phone number for Alliant Energy is 1-800-255-4268 or to report an outages 1-877-740-5050. If you think you may have a gas leak in your home, leave the residence and call 911 from a safe place.

I received an obscene/harassing phone call. What should I do?
If you receive repeated prank phone calls, phone harassment or other calls that might require follow-up with specialized phone equipment, you are urged to contact your service provider directly. They can block the number from calling you. You should then report it to the police department.

What is the phone number for the Clinton County Sheriff's Office?
You can contact the Clinton County Sheriff's Department at (563)242-9211They are open 24 hours-a-day, everyday.

What is the phone number for the Iowa State Patrol?
You can contact the Iowa State Patrol at (800) 525-5555They are open 24 hours-a-day, everyday.

How can I obtain a copy of an incident or accident report?
The DeWitt Police Department provides copies of accident reports to insurance companies for a $5 fee per report. Incident reports can be obtained also.  The requester will need to provide identification and there will be a $5 charge per report. All report requests should provide a report number, subject(s) involved and date of accident/incident. The DeWitt Police Department does not give out personal information to individuals. You may request copies during business hours and payment is required at time of request. Office hours are Mon.- Thurs. from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and Friday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. For additional information on these services, please call 563-659-3145, ext. 300 during these hours.

Where can I go to obtain an Iowa Driver's License?
The Iowa Department of Transportation offers applications and testing for new and renewing driver's licenses at the IDOT offices located in Clinton and Davenport.  Go to for more information.

Where is the courtroom?
Magistrate and District Courts are located in the Clinton County Courthouse at 612 N. 2nd Street, Clinton, Iowa 52732.
Check with the Clerk of Court if you are unsure of where to appear (563) 243-6211.   Each court handles specific types of cases. 

How can I obtain a restraining order against someone?
There are several ways to obtain a restraining order against someone. You may want to consult with a private attorney and have them represent you. In cases of domestic abuse, a victim can go directly to the Clerk of Court Office and get assistance with the paperwork. You may pick up a brochure in the lobby of the DeWitt Police Department that further details restraining and protective orders.

Where can I pay a City of DeWitt parking ticket?
There are a few options for payment of city parking violations. You may pay online via the City of DeWitt website,  You may also pay in person at the police department or city hall or you can mail your payment to the DeWitt Police Department, 1505 6th Ave., DeWitt, IA 52742 or to City of DeWitt-City Hall, 510 9th St., DeWitt, IA 52742.

Where can I pay a traffic ticket?
Traffic tickets are handled through the Clerk of Court Office. If you simply want to pay the ticket, and an appearance is not required, then you can either mail or take the appropriate copy of the ticket, plus the fine, to the Clerk of Court Office, 612 N. 2nd Street, Clinton, Iowa 52732. If the ticket was issued outside of the DeWitt area, there should be a corresponding address for the local Clerk of Court Office near the top of the citation. Send the ticket, plus the fine, to that address.

Where can I get information about the city's parking regulations?
You may call the City Clerk’s office at
(563) 659-3811 for help in this matter. You may also view this information as well as all city ordinances via the city website at  If you have a parking problem that needs immediate attention, contact the Police Department at (563) 659-3145, ext. 300. 

Was my stray pet picked up by the Animal Control Officer?
All questions concerning animal control, both domestic and native animals, may be directed to the DeWitt Police Department (563) 659-3145.


I want to know if a friend of mine was taken to jail by a DeWitt Police Officer.
Persons taken into custody by the DeWitt Police Department are transported to the Clinton County Jail in Clinton. If the person is an adult, and we have them in custody, we will tell you that information over the phone. We cannot discuss the details of criminal cases over the telephone, or in person, unless it is with the arrested person's legal counsel. We cannot discuss cases involving juveniles with anyone except their legal guardian or legal counsel. Questions about the jail- call (563) 242-9211.

I want to report a missing person. What information do I need?
Technically, a missing person is defined as any individual, of any age, who is missing and is under any proven physical or mental disability, or who is missing under circumstances indicating that his/her physical safety is in danger, or under circumstances indicating the disappearance is not voluntary, or after a catastrophe. In the case of minor children: abducted by a non-custodial parent, or lost. Generally, In order to report a missing person, you must appear in person at the police station or request that an officer respond to where you are, complete a detailed description of the missing person, and indicate why you believe the person should be considered missing in the context of the above definition.

Where do I get a license for my vehicle?
Motor vehicles are licensed through the county. You need to go to the Clinton County Administration Building, 1900 N. 3rd St., Clinton, IA, Treasurer's Department, Motor Vehicle Division. Please contact them at (563) 243-6218 for further information.

I need to get a dog license. How much does that cost and where do I go to do that? New pet licenses for dogs and cats can be obtained at the police department during business hours.  You must provide veterinary paperwork that shows whether or not the pet is spayed/neutered and the date of the most recent rabies vaccination. Fees for spayed/neutered are $10 and not altered are $30 annually.


People are knocking on my door selling magazines. They are very rude and can't take no for an answer. Is it legal for them to sell door-to-door?

The City of DeWitt requires transient merchants to be registered with the City Clerk's Office. Registration can be verified by contacting City Hall or you can call the police department and an officer will ascertain whether or not they have a permit. 

An officer stopped me for no reason and acted very rude to me. I want to issue a complaint against that officer. What do I need to do?
Contact the Chief of Police at (563)659-3145, ext. 301 to inform him of the occurrence. He will assign an Internal Affairs Investigator to investigate the incident.

I would like to have an officer talk to my neighbors and me about crime prevention. Is that possible?
The DeWitt Police Department is always happy to make presentations on a variety of topics to groups. Tours of the Police Department may also be arranged. Call the Captain's Office at (563) 659-3145, ext. 302 to arrange for a speaker or tour.

How do I apply for the Citizen Police Academy?
Applications may be picked up at the Police Department or contact the police department at
(563) 659-3145, ext. 300 or for more information.  The Citizen Police Academy is an 11-week program starting in the winter.  The course covers different areas of police department operations including, police ethics, use of force, crime scene investigations, narcotics, building searches, to name a few.  There are no physical requirements although students are encouraged to participate in the hands-on training.

If you have questions or comments that haven't been covered in this FAQ, please let us know.  Call us at  (563) 659-3145.   Or send us e-mail at: